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Home raised, socialized and trained from 10 days to build a working mindset, tolerance, self-control, and willingness to please. 


Those German Shepherds that impressed you often have 1.5 – 2 years of training behind them. Good Dogs do not ‘just happen’. A dog is made or broken before it even leaves the whelping box. “A dog’s brain is finished developing by 13 weeks.” Dr Ian Dunbar

Genetics & Heritage

What sport was the dog bred for? Can you live with that dog? Temperament is hereditary and cannot change. High Drive = High Maintenance. Working ability is ‘not’ defined by a dog’s drive. 

Life Time Support

A puppy is for life, and good breeders stand by their puppies. We offer training, support, and advice to puppy buyers – free of charge. We want to help you succeed. 

You can train a dog all you want, but if it is fearful, or hyper then you will work 10x harder for a dog 10x less.


A Good dog is a Pride to Own.

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A Dog is a Good Addition To Your Home - Or a Hassle


The German Shepherd

The German Shepherd is possibly the most versatile and loved dog of all times. The breed has evolved to meet the varied demands of today’s society. This is reflected in the different lines.

The European lines are bred for sport and working. These are divided into Dutch, DDR, Check among other types. These dogs are very high energy and high drive. They are perfect for people who are very active and have 1 – 2 hours a day to work their dogs.  These dogs often have a roached back, and weaker rears. 

The American lines are bred from old working and herding lines. They have retained their guarding ability, and their energy/drive, but are much calmer. Many live their whole lives without more time investment than a walk every day. However, they will give 110% when you are ready for an adventure. These are the dogs with long straight back, but you need to be careful that your prospective puppy also has a straight rear when looking at it from the rear. 

The King, Panda, White, Shilo are not separate breeds but types of German Shepherds. They are not registered as such, so there is no health registry, and no standard. 

Of course everyone is loyal to their type of shepherd. But it is important to remember that they were all the same bloodlines at one time.

Myths and Facts of the American German Shepherd

Show and Obedience breeders work to breed dogs that have the long stride which breeders have prized since the late 60s. Those dogs had the intelligence to work, the stride to cover great distances, and a ‘rock solid’ temperament. They look and move very much like today’s show bloodlines.

#1 Show Stack and Straight Backs

Today’s American Show Lines do not have compressed spines, or shortened backs. When they stand they have straight backs and look like normal dogs. The ‘slant’ is designed to show the dog’s gait when standing. These dogs were built for speed. They should have a long relaxed stride.

show german shepherds

The signature stack of the American German Shepherd is attained by placing one leg under the dog, to show the length of stride. The dog should still be straight, and strong when you look at it from the front and side. 

Some of the German Imports have compressed spines, roached backs, and highly over angulated rears. These are the dogs that were banned after a poor showing at the biggest dog show in the world, CRUFTS in England. 


Rose Tylor


Let’s take a look at this ‘extreme’ slopped back on this puppy in action…. Notice here in the water that she isn’t ‘slopped’ but has a lot of action. Look at her in the image above, she is ‘flat backed’ when moving.  Now look at the other pictures of RO in this website. She has a perfectly straight rear, and flat topline.  

Watch RO move in this following video. 

 #2 Hip Dysplasia

There is no proof that one type  of German Shepherd has less HD than another. The good news is that of all breeds, the GSD is in the top 3 breeds, in total number of dogs tested. Even with  so many dogs tested by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals, the German Shepherd is 40th on the list of dogs with positive cases of HD.

These OFA statics are a combination of all types, Show/American lines, Working lines, European dogs, and ‘old style’ German Shepherds.

#3 Temperament Testing

There is a lot of talk that some shows have temperament testing, while others are just political. Any dog that shows, in any ring, is being temperament tested when it is shown. The Canadian Kennel Club’s dog shows are grueling. The dogs must drive hours, wait in crates, walk to a ring among other dogs, then let a perfect stranger open their mouth, body, etc. The dog must take all this with confidence and still ‘shine’.

The German Shepherd Club of Canada has a tough test at their Yearly Nationals. 

The Canadian Kennel Club (CKC) and the United Kennel Club (UKC) have their own ‘good neighbor’ test. 

#4 Working Dogs

A working dog is a dog that works. There are many American dogs that are working in real jobs as medical service dogs, drug detection dogs, guard dogs, and competition dogs. There are many working dogs that barely complete their titles and then are retired.

Working bloodlines do not mean the dog is smarter, or better in any way. The term refers to a dog that is high energy with a strong Drive. Be sure that you have the time, energy, and willingness to train regularily if you want this type of dog. 

Working ability is an individual thing. Heart cannot be bred into a dog. It isn’t a matter of pedigree.

#5 Heritage

Not all dogs from show lines are show dogs. Not all dogs from working lines are good working dogs. Each puppy is an individual. What it becomes is partly determined by how well it was raised, fed, exercised, and trained. A puppy is a prospect – the rest is up to you. 

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