Sonoma's Time Keeper

A strong bold girl – independent and competitive 

We waited 3 years for Ro and was not disappointed

Obedience & Working Ability

Rose is a sprinter in work. She gives 200% for short periods of time, but she won’t quit on you. She will work ‘with’ you but won’t tolerate a heavy hand, and has good guarding instincts. She was started in Schutzhund, and loved it, but had to stop when I had my accident. 

Conformation & Stamina

Ro is square coming and going with lots of reach and drive. I have never tired her. She has done 20km in an hour and come in fresh and ready to go again. She has 5 points towards her championship. She is not a specialties dog, but she will finish. 

Temperament and Loyalty

Rose will sound the alarm and will engage, but she is easy to control. She has been a demo dog at our training center, performed at the International Center (10 months!), and been featured in a 25 lesson online dog training course out of the USA. She doesn’t do many sports, but she works hard in a ‘teamwork’ environment

Pictures of Rose Growing Up

Kristan and Ro, puppy socializing
Ro and her handler Rachel
Learning Impulse Control