Suzanne Wiebe CEG, ACDBC learned to train dogs and horses from her Grandfather. Her first experience was with herding and livestock protection dogs, a training practice she carried on into her 40s. The training method was a complete restraint free method that created a team relationship between the dog and handler. Her training methods have never strayed far from these roots, even in the days of choker collars and demands of ‘instant response’.

Today Suzanne Wiebe is head trainer at SportDog Training Center and President of Elgin Dog Sport Club. Suzanne Wiebe Scent Detection

She taught a course for several years called ‘how to pick the right dog for you’ through, and had a book published ‘How to Pick the Right Puppy for You’ through (she does not own the copyright)

In some ways she learned clicker training and behavior modification before they were catch phrases. She owned her first dog as a teenager, and ‘captured’ by television, taught that dog basic obedience, herding, how to skip rope, climb ladders, and a variety of other tricks.

She ran her first obedience school with a friend. It was here she was introduced to Schutzhund, search and rescue, and fell in love with the German Shepherd breed. It would be almost 30 years before she would own her first GSD.

In that time she studied canine genetics, and various training methods. She mentored under some well known kennels in the Daschund world and obedience ring. Most of her career has focused on training, it wasn’t until recently she started to learn how to handle in the ring.

Over the last 40 years she has placed many good dogs in homes, mentoring and coaching owners long after the puppies are placed. She has run 2 obedience schools, and trained dogs for a variety of reasons.

She does not believe in training a dog using commands and correction. Her best results have always been gained by working with a dog to modify its behavior. She’s corrected behavior problems in some dogs in less than 2 weeks, and helped many people learn to train their own dogs.John and dogs

In 1982 she had her first book published, “How to Pick the Right Puppy for You.” Her interest quickly turned to blogs and forums where she shared her information free.

Today she is the author of the START ‘first year’ training program that covers everything from imprinting puppy behaviors to off-leash reliability.

Suzanne has trained more than 75 personal dogs. She’s had a sled dog team, herding dogs, predator protection dogs, and every dog she has owned (except the Siberian huskies) have been a house dog. She could take 12 daschunds between the ages of 6 months and 8 years for off leash walks into the woods, and return 2 hours later with 12 dogs. Her husky stood in its place and allowed 2 men to pull porcupine quills. Her dogs have herded cattle and horses.

She has helped countless people solving people with their dogs. For Her training credentials visit here: SportDog Training Center – Dog Trainers

John Wiebe loves Springer Spaniels, end of story. His working bloodline Springers are house pets and companions, but ready to hunt when the leaves start to change color. He has a solid breeding plan for his dogs, ‘to make them the best they can be.’ He is just now venturing into trialing, but is actively working to socialize and train the German Shepherds.

John is active helping at with behavioral problems and is an vital part of the scent detection demonstration team.