BlackRidge Harley

Medium Drive – Amazing Work Mentality – Built for Speed – Loving and Loyal 

A once in a lifetime dog

Nosework - Rally - Lure Coursing - Tracking

Sometimes it is harder to keep up with Harley. She is definitely a 2 hour dog, and a joy to work with. At 3.5 years old I still haven’t tapped into her potential. 

Working German Shepherd
Reliable Obedience - Working Drive

Harley is extremely easy to train, picking up new tasks quickly with good retention. She is eager to please and will work until she drops. 

Versatility and Temperament

Loyalty and versatility are vital for a good german shepherd. Harley was started as a service dog, but her energy, willingness to work, and unusually high performance level earned her a place on our Sport Dog Team

2017 Litter

2017 Litter

Harley currently has 2 puppies looking for forever homes. Male Puppy will only go to a working/working show home. Female is being considered for a Service Dog home. For more information please click the Puppies link in the top menu

Harley 1.5 Years

This video is impressive because it reflects that Harley isn’t mindlessly following my lead, or doing a trick. She is thinking. She is fixing her own mistakes. And she is showing self control.  

Featured Image

Harley will start earning titles in 2017

She will be shown in United Kennel Club, CARO, and SDDS nosework.