How A Puppy Is Raised Makes all The Difference

The first 13 weeks of a puppy’s life will determine whether it has good working mentality, is tolerant of people’s affection, is tolerant of other dogs, is able to deal with stress, is confident, and able to solve problems.  The more ‘proper’ stimulation a puppy receives at this time, the thicker it’s cerebral cortex, and the more neuro-transmitters, and the stronger it’s Drive. 

Our puppies are raised in a custom area, right in the ‘hub’ of the home. At 4 weeks old they spend several hours ‘at our feet’. They are raised using the same protocol as service dogs. 

People come and visit our home so they are use to strangers from an early age.  Working behaviors are ‘imprinted’ from 3 weeks old. Obedience starts at 5 weeks old. Working behaviors, like scent, touch, pull, and retrieve are started at 5 weeks old.  

The puppies meet other dogs in the kennel at 4 weeks old. They spend time playing with them, following them around the yard, and eating in the same room with them. 

By the time our puppies leave they have already had the ‘foundation’ needed to be good working dogs. 

There is nothing more exciting than picking your own puppy, but not all working dogs fit into all homes. Companion puppies are given the choise of puppy based on the order of deposit, and considering we have a puppy that will be a good fit for their home. 

Red Collar Girl

This girl promises to be an affectionate, confident, and bold girl. She will have a long coat, black and tan.  We are hoping to find a Guardian Home for her. 

Blue Collar Boy

Confident, brave, outgoing, with strong follow behavior and no fear. He is a pleasure to raise. He will be a short hair, black and Tan. 

Orange Collar Boy

This boy has a bright future in any sport, or job. He has everything we want to see in a German Shepherd. Short Coat, Black and Tan (or Red)

Purple Collar Boy

He loves to play, never shies from anything, but would rather lay at our feet than go play or explore. He is a short coat, Black and Tan or Black Saddle. He will go to a pet or show home. 

Yellow Collar Girl

She is very exciting. She will stay her unless someone would consider a co-own. She must go to a show/sport home. 

Pink Collar Girl

She will be a very large long coat, black and tan. She is the first one out of the house. Her follow behavior is extremely strong, but she has a sense of common sense I don’t normally see in puppies this young.  She will only go to a service dog home, or a sport home.