About Us

Suzanne has always had a strong affinity for dogs, with a particular dedication to working dogs.  Initially, she pursued a career in Marketing and counselling. This evolved into a study of applied animal behavior and improving methods of training the working breeds of dogs. 

She fell in love with working dogs at 11 years old when she helped her grandfather bring the cattle in, with the help of two black heelers.  After attending training courses, seminars and workshops, and mentoring with professionals she developed the S.T.A.R.T. training method for working breeds, and is working with some main names in Animal behavior to improve assessing dog’s temperaments, rehabilitating aggressive dogs, and helping people learn how to deal with dog’s emotional problems so they can live a better life. 

A pivotal part of her career was working with bomb dog trainers and learning that anyone can make a dog comply, but it takes talent and skill to teach a dog to work. The ephiphany moment for Suzanne was when she realized that many of the new techniques she was (re)learning were the same ‘old fashioned’ techniques her grandfather taught her in the farm fields when she was young. 

Having come full circle Suzanne took her skill and started developing a line of dogs that would be suitable for service dogs. She wanted a dog that would give 110%, 100% of the time, without needing to spend hours a day trying to ‘keep the dog’s drives down’. She wanted Versatility and a dog that could be taught several different sports/tasks. 

Recently Suzanne has been mentoring with some of the top names in Animal behavior, and studying for full certification with Her studies never stop, earning an average of 20CEU a year. 

By studying with experts, and her behavior modification work at Suzanne has become an expert in her own write. She currently speaks around Southern Ontario on topics ranging from Reactive dog Recovery, to Neonatal stimulation and Bio learning of puppies in the whelping box. 

Her focus is to develop a line of German Sheperds who can work as Service dogs, excel in the sport ring, or manage a full time job – without being ‘crazy’ or ‘aggressive’. Suzanne’s goal is to sharpen the German Shepherd Dog’s ability to work, be a pet dog, and a guardian ‘that people can trust as their family pets.’

All Suzanne’s dogs live in the house, together. 

Come visit us!

We love visitors but we are not open to the public. Sport Dog Training Center is not located at our kennel. It is located at the Aylmer Fair Grounds, in Aylmer Ontario.

Service Dogs

Suzanne raises service dogs for mobility and alert. She works with people in the medical field to develop a training method that meets all her client’s needs. 

Sport Dogs - A New Breed

German Shepherds need to be versatile. They need to be happy. They need to be loyal. And they shouldn’t be hard to train. 

German Shepherds for Pets

We work hard to raise puppies from 2 weeks old to reduce potential pet dogs so that pet owners do not need to invest 1 – 2 hours a day to keep their dog ‘sane.’

Working Shepherds

All Shepherds are Working ‘lines.’ Not all shepherds are bred for ‘solid’ temperaments, calm behaviors, easy to train, and needing less than 1 hour exercise to maintain a ‘relaxed’ attitude